SoundID Info

The SoundID app can be accessed via the below links:



Google Play

Apple Store


Below link also provides more info:


Troubleshooting information:

  1. Make sure that before the FW update is initiated, earbuds must be connected to phones bluetooth service. Needs to be done on iOS or android via phone settings/bluetooth menu (Important!) Only establishing connection via the SID app may result with this issue
  2. Make sure that earbuds have at least 50% battery charge
  3. Use home WiFi, not public WiFi or cellular data if possible (limit chances for interference or lost signal)
  4. Make sure both earbuds are connected (Both earbuds transmit audio/play music)
  5. Use the SoundID app, run the firmware updater. You should be done after this!


  • If update fails, Re-download firmware after checking steps 1 through 4.


  • When first installing the SID app on an iPhone user must allow SoundID to use phones bluetooth service


  • Location / GPS service needs to be enabled
  • When first installing the SID app on an Android user must allow SoundID to use location service (needed for Bluetooth, naming is confusing, but there is nothing we can do, its an Android thing.)

One small added tip:

Firmware update process is faster and more stable if the user listens to some audio during it. Preferably start the audio before opening SoundID app and keep enjoying the music until earbuds get rebooted at the end of the firmware updating process. If the earbuds do disconnect from phone (and stop the audio) before end of firmware update (before "Validating" and "Rebooting" steps) then it is advisable to, without closing the SoundID app, go to system settings and reconnect the earbuds.