Firmware Update Log


Firmware 2.8:


  1. Change UI setting for "Reset pairing table" and "End a call".
  2. Reset pairing table: tap and hold the right surface after 10 seconds and reset pairing table when the touch field is touched no more
  3. End a call: tap and hold the left/right surface for more than 2s when in a call
  4. Improved bluetooth stability


Firmware 2.7:

  1. OTAU stability improvements
  2. Deep sleep time shortened to minimize battery drain when earbuds are in the charging case.


Firmware 2.3:

  1. According to transitions in handset_service state machine, add flag to avoid unexpected dropping while BLE is disconnected (Better connection stability)
  2. Increase volume by EQ adjust: 4dB (with a change in the SoundID app this will add 7dB in total)
  3. Modify tap gesture timeout setting : 160ms -> 240ms (The "tap" can be longer)
  4. Simplified ANC NAR UI control
  5. LHDC "license invalid" fix from Savitech (LHDC is working! And sounds great!!!))